NVHS graduation in black. (Four year Colorado public university entrance requirements in red.)
Graduation: 54 credits (13 credits/year)
  • Culminating Project: 2
  • Path: 24
  • Common Learnings: 28
    • Math: 4 (8)
      • 1 Algebra, 1 Geometry, 1 Stats, 1 Choice
    • Language Arts: 4 (8)
      • 2 Literature, 1 Writing, 1 Choice
    • Social Studies: 4 (6)
      • 1 US, 1 World, 1 Geography, .5 Civics, .5 Choice
    • World Language: 2 (6)
      • Both of the same language
    • Science: 4 (6)
      • 2 Life, 2 Physical
    • Applied Tech: 2
    • Art: 2
    • Intrapersonal: 3
    • Interpersonal: 3

Making Up Credits

Aventa-Online courses supported by Boulder Valley School District.
  • Credit Recovery-Quiz based program to recover credits for classes in which C's or IP's were earned. Students earn 1 learning unit per semester course. Credit recovery grades only replace previously earned grades if the course names are the same. Costs $50/class and scholarships are available. Each class takes 6 weeks and takes 20-30 hours to complete.
  • Full Semester Courses-Full courses including upper level electives and AP courses. Students earn 1 learning unit per semester course. Cost is $250/course, taught by BVSD teacher.  Classes take 70-80 hours.
    • If you are interested in either credit recovery courses or full semester courses talk to Andy or Diane. A contract will be sent home and fees will be collected. A mentor will be assigned from Aventa after registration and a Makin' It is recommended.
  • AP Courses cost $350/AP course, and scholarships are available.
    These courses take 80-100 hours.
Arapaho Ridge Options Academy-Self paced courses in a traditional classroom.
  • Credit Recovery- 1 hour and 10 minute sessions throughout the day. Students can take more than 1 session. Sessions: (7:50 - 9:00) (9:05 - 10:15) (10:55 - 12:05) (12:10 - 1:20) (1:25  - 2:35) Not all courses are offered at all times. Must check with Arapaho Ridge Students can recover credit towards district graduation requirements (not college entrance requirements) for social studies, language arts, math, and science classes.  Students can only attend Options for classes in which they have earned IPs.
      • If you are interested in Arapaho Ridge Options Academy talk to Andy or Diane and then set up a meeting with Kady Haisley by contacting Marcia Burns at 720-561-5231.
Boulder Universal-Online courses at Boulder Valley's online school.
See all course offerings

Other Online Courses
  • Any online courses with other providers are limited to 3 learning units towards graduation and fees must be covered by the family.

Other Credits

Boulder TEC-Credit Policy

Sports Credits
  • Path credit- A New Vista student may earn .4 Learning Units in the area of Path credits for each season of successful participation in a NVHS club sport or other high school varsity sport. There is a limit of 2 credits/year
  • LUC credit- 2 credit cap per year - no limit of how many quarters students can do it – with the exception of 1st quarter.  Requires meetings with Vanessa, reflection, setting goals etc.
Learning Unit Contracts-These are independent study units set up with Vanessa and can be anything you want to learn more about from Japanese to horseback riding. It is your job to set up the contract before you begin your independent study. You earn .5 credits for every 15 hours.

Community Experience-Volunteer or internship opportunities that you set up with Christi. These can be anything from volunteering at an animal shelter to interning as a sushi chef. You earn .5 credits for every 15 hours.

Don't Dropout!

  • Dropout Prevention: Christen A. Ibarra, BVSD Outreach Specialist: 720.561.6413
  • If you need to drop a class, use this form.