Concurrent Enrollment

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As you move into Round 2 of registration, this is just a reminder that the Concurrent Enrollment paperwork is available in the counseling office and the deadline is May 19th for BOTH FALL AND SPRING CLASSES.  If a student chooses to go to Front Range, we are able to cover the full tuition. If they choose to go to CU, the amount we can provide will be based on how many students choose to enroll. 

Also, I want to be sure you are all aware of the ASCENT program. This is a “5th Year Program” that allows seniors to remain enrolled at the high school and take a fifth year consisting entirely of college classes at a community college for free, if they have met all of their high school graduation requirements and have taken 12 credit hours of college classes prior to the end of their senior year. This is an incredible opportunity for students who might have trouble accessing college due to financial challenges. Also, citizenship status is not a factor. If you have a rising Junior who you think could successfully complete 3-4 colleges level classes in their Junior and Senior year, please keep them in mind for this program. For more info:

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