Concurrent Enrollment AKA-CU College Classes

posted May 16, 2012, 8:37 AM by stephensteach
The deadline for concurrent enrollment for next Fall is this Friday, though Diane will take late forms if needed. Please have interested students talk to Diane ASAP. I was just made aware that some of the rules have changed and that the state is allowing more students to enroll who fall into the "at-risk" category. What this means is that they want students who may not have easy access to college to have this opportunity, which includes students who may be at-risk of dropping out, students who face economic hardships, and undocumented students. These students do not have to exhaust the curriculum in the academic area they want to pursue. They should still be 11th or 12th graders. (In some cases students can take an extra year to complete high school in order to take advantage of this opportunity if they have not completed their graduation requirements.) Please talk to Diane if you have any questions about this.