Open Mic Night

posted Apr 24, 2012, 8:59 AM by stephensteach   [ updated Apr 24, 2012, 8:59 AM ]
The Parent Advisory Committee, PAC is now proudly sponsoring Open Mic on 4/27 as a Fundraiser for Natural Highs.  Natural Highs is a group of kids who seek to find natural ways to find stress free lives without drugs or alcohol who meet regularly at NVHS.

                Open Mic/Coffee House

               Natural Highs Fundraiser

                           Free Admission, Pastries, Coffee and Mate

                       This Friday, April 27

           NVHS 6 - 9 pm NVHS Community Room

Natural Highs needs financial support as their funds are very low right now.  Natural High's will be selling t-shirts, mate sets, buttons, etc. but will gladly take cash and check donations.  These donations can be put in the PAC mailbox at school but must be made out to Avani Dilger CAC III.  In the memo line write Natural Highs fundraiser.  Avani is the adult facilitator and creator of Natural Highs. (See more info re: Natural Highs below)
Students are invited to perform poetry, music, comedy or pros.  Everyone else can come enjoy a entertaining evening of of amazing New Vista talent & support Natural Highs! Students who want to perform can sign up at school or email the student contact below.  Please join in and help out as a volunteer scroll down for the contacts to email: tech, set up, clean up, serve, donate food. and/or loan decorations for evening.   

Food (scroll down for lists *)                                             Jen      

Adult Volunteers for Set up, Serve, Clean up                       Renee 

Student Volunteers for Set up, Serve, Clean up, Perform       Robin 


Tech or Loan Coffee House style Decor/Decorations *             Susan   

If you loan items please pick them up that evening.  

Food items needed:                          Decorations needed:

1 bag of ice                                             wall hangings


a cooler                                                   rugs
one large bag of espresso                         big pillows
one large bag of Mate                               art work to hang
one gallon of Chai                                     
2 gallons of whole milk
4 containers of creamer
agave syrup--a large bottle or two small bottles
16 each of Pastries, cookies, biscotti, muffins, scones and also any sugar free items usually found at Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods Market
Possibly an espresso machine, and the equipment to go with it and possibly someone to run that machine. 
Flavored syrups if available
No lemonade (Student request)


You can find much more information about Natural Highs on the website and Facebook page.  Come learn more and hear our awesome kids show their talents while being naturally high!  Thanks for your support and for supporting our kids in making through these years sober and sane!
Hope to see you there!  
Susan MacLachlan Dimson
PAC Chair