Summer School Info

posted May 16, 2012, 8:38 AM by stephensteach


  • Students who have earned IP’s can recover those credits in a classroom setting at Arapahoe Ridge Options Academy. ( The cost is $225 per class. Spots are limited!
  • Students who earned an IP or C can take credit recovery classes online.   $125 per class.  
  • Students who want to attend summer school to get ahead can register for regular semester online courses. These can be found on the same link above. These cost $250. They also have AP classes for $375.
  •  Students who want to take PE or Health in the classroom can do so at Arapahoe Ridge or Fairview.
  •  The other option is The Family Learning Center. They partnered with the district to provide CREDIT RECOVERY online classes, and students can go there to work on the class in a structured environment, which is awesome.  Students must go to the FLC at least 6 hours per week to work on their class. Cost $220 per class.
  • Another cool program through them is the The Family Learning Center’s “Summer Internship Program”. This is designed to provide high school students with paid work opportunities. Interns serve as team leaders and mentors for our middle school students. They learn leadership, college preparation, and work skills. Each intern earns $300 per seven-week program.) 
  • Please go to for more detailed information about all of these options including regarding schedule, pricing, and registration. Please direct parents to this website for information.
  • Please only send students to me who need to take classes at Arapahoe Ridge Options to me as I need to fill out an "Summer School Credit Tracker" for them.  All other students should sign up for summer school on their own.