Unit 2-The Living World

2. The Living World

A. Ecosystem Structure

Topic Pages Questions  Assignments Online Resources
Biological populations and communities  122-136 p137 #5,7, 8,9; p171 #7, 8  None Biosphere vid, Population changes animation
ecological niches 124,143, 300 p137 #6; p138-9 #1b-3b None
Range of tolerance vid,
interactions among species 142-148, 156-157 p171 #1-3, 1b, 4b, 6b; p172 CEF #1-3  None Competitive Exclusion Animation,
keystone species 151-154 p171 #5, #3b; p171-172 IGD #1-3 Keystone Species Video Questions
Bees as a Keystone Species Video, Strange Days on Planet Earth Predators Video,
,species diversity and edge effects 316-320 p324 #8  None
major terrestrial and aquatic biomes 180-185, 161-170 p171 #9-10, 5b  Biome Project
Benthos Vid, Tidal Zone Vids,

B. Energy Flow

Topic Pages Questions  Assignments Online Resources
Photosynthesis 95-103 p108 #4, 7 None
Energy Vid, Photosynthesis animation, Chemosynthesis Vid
cellular respiration 103-104 p108 #8 None
Respiration Animation
food webs 150-151 p171 #2b,  Energy Flow Assignment

trophic levels 148-150 p171 #4; p108 #5-6; p109-110 CEF #1-4 Ecosystem Trophic Level Analysis,

ecological pyramids 150 None None

C. Ecosystem Diversity

Topic Pages Questions  Assignments Online Resources
Biodiversity 104-107 p137 #2b, 5b; p203 #3, Species Diversity Lab,
National Geographic Artcle-Food Ark,
natural selection 112-115 p137 #1,2, 1b,4b,6b; p138 #1-3 None

evolution 115-122 p137 #3,4, 10 None

ecosystem services 50-51 p202 #3 Science Behind the Story Questions,

D. Natural Ecosystem Change

Topic Pages Questions  Assignments Online Resources
Climate shifts 134-135, 524 p202 #1, None
Milankovitch Cycles Vid,
species movement 154 None None
ecological succession 155-158 p171 #6 Natural Ecosystem Change
Animation, Succession at Mt St Helens Vid, Succession Photos,

E. Natural Biogeochemical Cycles

Topic Pages Questions  Assignments Online Resources
Carbon 186-189, 559 p202 #5,7; p203 #4; p203-4 IGD #1-3 None
Carbon Cycle Animation, Anthropogenic Carbon Vid,
nitrogen 191-196, 254 p202 #2,6; p203 #5, 6; p204 CEF #1-3 None
Nitrogen Cycle Animation 1, Lake Eutrophication Animation,
phosphorus 189-191 p202 #7 None
Phosphorus Cycle Animation, Phosphorus Cycle Anim 2,    
Sulfur None    
Sulfur Tutorial,
water  94, 196-198 p203 #8 None
Water cycle Animation
conservation of matter  88-93  p202 #4; p108 #1 Biogeochemical Cycles
Law of Conservation of Mass Animation

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