Unit 3-Populations

A. Population Biology Concepts

Topic Pages Questions  Assignments Additional Resources
Population ecology  125-132 p137 #7,8
Change in Population Animation,
carrying capacity 130 p229 #2; p137 #9, #3b
Carrying capacity Video, Carrying Capacity Animation,
reproductive strategies 131-132 p137 #10  
survivorship 127-128 None Oh Deer Lab

B. Human Population
1. Human Population Dynamics
Topic Pages Questions  Assignments Additional Resources
historical population sizes  209 p229 #1,
NOVA-Population Over Time, The Basics of Population Education,
distribution 214-215 p230 #10
NOVA-Earth in Peril,
fertility rates 218-219 p230 #7   Human Population Dynamics Video,
growth rates and doubling times 208-209 p229 #6
Demographics Simulation Lab, Population Consumption and Climate Video
demographic transition 219-221 p230 #8; p230 #4a,
Demographic Transition Animation,
age-structure diagrams 216-217 p230 #1a Human Population Dynamics Worksheet
Population Age Structure Animation,

2. Population Size

Topic Pages Questions  Assignments Additional Resources
strategies for sustainability
 221-224 p230 #9
Women's Status and Population
case studies 222-223 p230 #3a
The Effect of China's One Child Policy after 25 Years,
national policies 209-210, 224-225 p230 #5,6  Case Study Summary Presentation
World Populations Policies Report,

2. Impacts of Population Growth

Topic Pages Questions  Assignments Additional Resources
p230 #2a
Population Crash Animation,
disease 227-228 None
Disease Simulation Lab
economic effects 225-226 p231 #1-5 CEF   Population and Economics Animation,
resource use 226 p229 #3; p230 #1-4 IGD National Geographic Human Footrpint
China-The Consumption Machine-Planet In Peril
habitat destruction 211-213 p229 #4-5 UN Population Meeting
Enter the Anthropocene-Age of Man,

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