Microscopy 20 Questions

In this microscopy investigation students play a game of 20 questions to develop their skills of questioning, observing, and listening. The instructor can either project the microscopy images (below) or make handouts of them and have students ask yes or no questions. The students can ask up to 20 questions or make guesses to try and figure out what the images display. Instructors can also make their own using a digital microscope such as the Digital Blue QX5. The microscope works great for making 20 questions slides for warm-ups or for classroom experimentation.

What are these things?

Hint: There are over 100,000 of these on you right now.

Hint: Its two components are both poisonous on their own.

Hint: This sample was taken from the beach and used to be part of living organism. It was probably on its way to becoming calcareous ooze.

Hint: They look sharp, but don't hurt your tan.

Hint: This red photo owes its color to its iron rich constitution.

Hint: This marriage is on the rocks.

Hint: Without gravity, this thing won't work.

Hint: This technology helps you remember things you might otherwise forget.

Hint-The reddish hue could be described as 40.

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