Field Trips

Note that color of the text above corresponds to the map place markers below.

Field Study Expectations-
  1. Bring clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Check the forecast before you leave. Trip is on if there is school.
  2. Bring the tools you will need for the day. That always includes a writing utensil, field notebook, water, snacks, and the field study handout.
  3. Be on time at the meeting location. We will meet at 8:45AM at the designated site. Email Andy or call him before you show up late or are absent. Check your handout (linked above) or the map (below) to find the meeting location.
  4. Write down your data. Field studies are fun, enjoy the time outside, have a good time with your friends, and do your work.
  5. Complete the make up assignment if you miss the trip. If you have questions ask them! 
Note that the color of the place markers below corresponds to the color of the field study text above.

Ecology Field Trips