Advertising: Race, Looks, Religion

Day One Agenda:
1. Why did you choose advertising and which of the three -isms do you feel strongly about?
5. Consumerism and Advsertising-warning explicit language

Day Two Agenda
1. How do you analyze an advertisement-What is the ad trying to do? Who is the intended audience? What strategies are used to sell the product? (pathos/logos/ethos in print, pathos/logos/ethos in video) What does the ad reveal about our values/culture? How does the ad relate to issues of equity and our three -isms?
2. Does advertising affect our perception of women and the perception of men?
3. Research an ad-answer analyzing questions
Day Three Agenda
2.  Present ad and your analysis-present three questions for discussion, plan on 5-10 minutes

Day Four Agenda
1. Pick an ad that you found most intriguing and create an artifact that takes action to let people know how you feel about it. Share action with Andy
  • Letter to advertiser
  • Promotion of analysis
  • Email to company

2. Or...present a summary for WCG-2-3 people for 2-3 minutes.

3. What are you doing as an action?