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Welcome to Andrew Stephens' MSU Website!

I am Andrew Stephens and I am currently completing my MS in Geosciences at Mississippi State UniversityTeachers in Geosciences Program and the Geosciences Distance Learning Program. I started the program in August of 2008 and expect to complete the program in August of 2010. My classes include geology, meteorology, historical geology, weather prediction, oceanography, environmental science, planetary science, hydrology, research methods, local field methods, and a field study in Yellowstone National Park. These webpages are part of the activities for research methods in geosciences. In addition to taking classes at MSU, I teach at New Vista High School in Boulder, CO. Currently I am teaching physical science and biology and working towards my National Board Certification. Feel free to contact me.




 Local Field Trip


  • Careers in Geosciences-This website, published by the American Geological Institute, outlines the careers available to geoscientists in a brochure format. It answers questions related to the different fields geoscientists study, where they work, their job and salary outlook, and provides contact information.
  • NSF Directorate for Geosciences-This website, published by the National Science Foundation provides information about funding opportunities in the geosciences. It also includes special announcements, application due dates, contact information, and funding rates by annual cycle.
  • Geology.com-This website provides geology related news, maps, articles, jobs, records, and dictionaries. The geology based google maps are of particular interest.
  • United States Geological Survey-A federal source in the US for science about the Earth, its natural and living resources, natural hazards, and the environment.
  • University of Hawaii Volcanology-This page provides links to a series of hands-on activities related to the study of volcanoes. Links include teacher instruction and student handouts.
  • University of Washington Glaciology-This page provides news and links related to the study of glaciers and climate change around the world. It also provides links to glaciology classes and pictures of glaciers from all over the globe. 
  • Weather Underground-This weather forecasting site provides weather maps, forecasts, models, and weather data for hundreds of locations throughout the United States.
  • World Climate-This climate data site provides searchable access to thousands of sites around the world. Climate data can be obtained related to monthly highs, lows, average temperatures, and precipitation.
  • University Council of Water Resources Hydrology-Hydrology resources published by a consortium. Links included information on what hydrology is, the relationship of people and water, agriculure, groundwater, future resources, etc.
  • Environmental Science News-This site published by Science Daily includes all the latest on current events related to environmental issues, research, and legislation.