The Lab

Lab Reports:

  1. Complete data collection.
  2. Assign sections of the lab report to each member of your group:
    • Purpose, question, background, hypothesis, predicted outcome, materials, procedure, observations, data table, calculations, graph, results, and conclusion.
  3. Have one person create the lab report document using google docs, name it, and share it.
    • Log into your google account.
    • Click on "documents" under "more".
    • Click on "create new" and then click on "document".
    • Click on "Untitled Document" and rename it to include the name of the lab and your group members' names.
    • Click on "share", write the emails of the people in your group and Andy's email:
  4. Follow the directions on the lab report template until you are finished.
  5. Create a graph in google docs: Click on "create new", then "spreadsheet". Input your data, highlight your data, click on "insert" then "chart". Modify your chart using the pop up menu. Click on "insert". Click on "share", click on "change", click on "anyone with the link", click on "save". Highlight and copy the link. Past the link into the graph section of your lab document.
  6. Proofread, edit, and proofread.
  7. Revise based on teacher comments.
See google docs help for more info.

  1. Groups are usually assigned. Check the lab groups page for your class to see who you are working with and which section each person is assigned.
  2. Working together is hard! Make sure everyone works together outside of class as well as inside. Set up times that works for everyone, lunches are convenient.
  3. Communicate in person and via the chat feature on the google doc to make sure everyone understands what they need to do.
  4. Everyone should edit the document!
  1. Grading is based upon the whole document. It is the group's responsibility to make sure it is complete.
  2. Set up times outside of class to finish the document and revise together if you don't finish in class.
  3. Grading is based upon the lab report template.

  1. Read the comments Andy inserted onto your lab report.
  2. Work together as a group to complete the revisions. Leave Andy's comments.
  3. Email Andy with the link to the lab when you have completed revisions.