Exams provide a snapshot into your understanding of class material at one point in time. Unfortunately, students don't always earn the scores they want. When
you earn an test score below 85% you have the opportunity to revise and bring your score up to 85%. If you earned a score above 85% you have no need to revise. To do so please complete the Test Revisions Template.


For every problem you missed you must write two sentences. The first sentence explains why your chosen answer was incorrect. The second sentence explains why the right answer is indeed correct. Your goal is to learn from your mistakes and provide evidence that you have gained knowledge and skills since taking the test. See the example below:
  • For problem number 23 I chose answer B, which stated that hypotheses are well tested general observations that prove true everywhere they have been tested, however that is not true because hypotheses have yet to be tested thoroughly. The right answer is C, which stated that hypotheses can be predictions, explanations that need further testing, or sets of observations that need further testing, because hypotheses can be any of these three things and they must always be testable and answer the question that is being investigated.


You have to learn the material between the time you take the test and turn in revisions. You can do this by using the class website, notes, assignments, homeworks, peers, teacher, textbooks, or internet.